Mwendo Rail is an authorised reseller and consulting service for Getzner Werkstoffe’s range of polyurethane-based elastomers called Sylomer® and Sylodyn®.

We provide expertise and solutions to help deal with environments experiencing structure-borne vibrations and high dynamic stresses. From industrial environments to offices, hotels, hospitals and homes, we have a range of solutions to help reduce the damaging effects of noise and structure-borne vibrations.

In rail we provide an array of world-leading products that help reduce the need for maintenance, increase the service life and availability of the track, and reduce life cycle costs.

Vibrations and structure-borne noise lead to reduced accuracy in precision workplaces like laboratories and hospitals. They cause a loss of productivity in the office, while leading to increased stress levels. In industrial plants they reduce the lifespan of equipment, machinery and components.

Mwendo Rail helps to make your world a quieter, more productive place.