Ceiling Hangers for Noise Reduction

Mwendo represents AMC-Mecanocaucho’s range of Akustik + Sylomer® noise reducing ceiling hangers in Southern Africa.

The currently accepted design of ceilings uses a rigid framework. The problem with this is that the rigidity of the framework easily transmits impact noise and structural vibration into the ceiling boards. Often, this leads to audible disturbance for tenants and residents in a building.

AMC-Mecanocaucho’s Akustik + Sylomer® range of hangers incorporate Sylomer® as the elastic component that mechanically decouples the slab above from the ceiling boards below.

By correctly specifying the AMC ceiling hanger, it is possible to achieve a very low natural frequency for the system. This in turn leads to a reduction of transmission of even very low frequency noises from above.

The Akustik + Sylomer® range has ceiling hangers capable of carrying up to 150kg per hanger. They are available in numerous formats, allowing for quick installation, integration with almost any shape of channel, and installation into small ceiling voids.