Mwendo Rail is a leading supplier of rail, rail fastenings, rail pads, and under sleeper pads, in Southern Africa.

Rail infrastructure is a key component to creating and sustaining growth in modern society. Rail allows the movement of large amounts of people and commodities to happen efficiently and quickly. It makes big cities “smaller”, and it allows small cities to grow.

Mwendo has partnered with two leading European manufacturers, to offer the most reliable and advanced technologies in fastening systems and resilient pads. Schwihag’s fastening systems and turnout components have been widely adopted by the leading network operators in Europe, due to their high strength and reliability. Getzner’s rail pads and under sleeper pads have been shown to mitigate stress and degradation in track structures, reducing the need for maintenance intervention and increasing the service life of the track.

Mwendo Rail – A Better Way Forward.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our perway solutions offer the highest quality, reducing lifecycle and maintenance costs.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduce maintenance needs on your track by incorporating leading perway technologies and advancements.

Improved Performance

Increased operational performance leads to greater profitability, and less network disruption.